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1. What is a motorhome?

A motorhome is a specially built motor vehicle, which is at the same time a transportation means, and also offers living accommodation. It is a house on wheels, built on a chassis, from where the name "motorhome".

Depending on the model, they are equipped with 4 - 7 seats, 4 - 7 beds, kitchen (equied with stove, hood, fridge, freezer, sink, countertop), bathroom (shower cabin with hot/ cold water, toilet, sink), large storage spaces, central heating on gas/ Diesel, thus providing hot water and heat, photovoltaic panels etc.

2. Can motorhomes be used outside campings?

Our motorhomes are designed to be used in campings, where you can connect to electricity, water and sewerage, but also outside campings/ off - camping (on the beach, on a lake/ river bank, on a mountain peak), being autonomous for 2 - 3 days and having the following tanks :

  • Fuel tank = 90 l
  • Fresh water tank = 100 l
  • Grey water tank = 100 l
  • Ecological toilet box = 20 l
  • Gas bottles = 2 buc.

3. Can motorhomes be used also in the winter time?

Our motorhomes are specially built to be used in the summer time and also in the cold seasons (autumn, winter, spring), having the walls, ceiling, floor, instalations and tanks thermally insulated not to freeze and are equipped with gas central heating, of high capacity, which provide hot water and heat. They can be used for high comfort, in any season, from -40 degrees Celsius to +50 degrees Celsius.

4. Which type of driving licence is required to drive a motorhome?

The motorhomes we have can be driven with a B category driving licence with the maximum authorised total weight of up to 3,5 tones.

5. Can I leave Romania by motorhome?

Yes, you can travel anywhere in the European Union.

6. What distance can I drive by motorhome? Is there a mileage limit?

There is no kilometres limit. We though recommend not to plan too long distances per day because any distance longer than 500 km/ day is tiresome.

7. Which is the speed I can drive the motorhome?

Taking into account the motorhome size, the high resistance to going forward and high center of gravity we recommend the following speeds:

  • On highways : 95-110 km/h
  • On other types of roads : 70-80 km/h

We also recommend a speed with 10 km/ h less than the legal limit on bumpy roads (due to pitching), in curves (duet o rolling), on bridges and exiting tunnels (due to lateral wind).

8. What is the fuel consumption of a motorhome?

Depending on the load, the nature of the terrain (slope/ ramp), on the direction of the wind (especially frontal), on the driving style, a motorhome can have a medium fuel consumption of 8 - 10 litres/ 100 km.

9. Can another driver drive the motorhome except the one declared in the contract?

Yes, the motorhome cand be driven by any person with a minimum age of 35 years old, with a B category driving licence and a driving experience of at least 5 years. We don't limit the number of drivers per rental. You have to make sure though that the driver is responsible and experienced enough because the motorhome is a big sized vehicle, unlike a car.

10. What are the road tolls outside Romania for motorhomes?

Motorhomes are M1 category special vehicles, same as cars. In most countries the road toll is the same as for cars. There are countries which charge more and the road toll can be 30% higher than for cars.

11. Are there camping facilities in Romania?

Yes. At this moment there are 57 oficially accredited campings in Romania. You can find a complete list at this link, thanks to Mrs. Oana and Mr. Dan Casandroiu - to whom we thank!

You can also do "wild camping", in nature, minding the following precautions:

  • the terrain on which you camp is not private property;
  • the field does not forbid camping (natural reservations);
  • you don't empty the grey waters or the toilet box in nature;
  • you leave the camping place as you have found it;
  • take safety measures against wild animals in the area (the bear often comes due to food left outside at night);
  • the soil is not soft or sandy (you will sink in and won't be able to get out anymore).

12. If I am tired and cannot drive on, can I sleep in the motorhome in a parking lot?

You can park anywhere, motorhomes being considered vehicles, but if you wish to sleep over night in a parking lot next to a highway, you have to bear in mind the following:

  • you are not allowed to open the porch or to take out the camping table and chairs. In this case it is considered camping in unappropriate place and you will be fined by the police (they come immediately to check);
  • in some European countries you are not allowed to drink alcohol in the motorhome, even if parked and if the curtains are not shut, it may considered driving under the influence and be fined.
  • in most gas stations outside Romania there are special places for motorhomes, where you can refill the water tank, drain the grey water and empty the toilet box, for free; in Romania these facilities are not available yet and people refill the water tank in gas stations and drain the grey water in the sewerage system.

13. There is malfunction at the motorhome. What can I do?

The following types of malfunctions can occur at motorhomes:

  • Malfunctions of the vehicle
  • Malfunctions of the interior/ living area systems

In the case of vehicle malfunctions:

Our motorhomes are new models (2018), unlikely to break down. Still, a malfunction should occur, please contact us immediately to tell us what the problem is. If the motorhome cannot be moved, you call Citroen Camping-car Assistance telephone number (tel: 00800 08082424), which is the European road assistance agency. Interventions (towing, repairing under European guaranty) are free of charge.

In the case of malfunctions of the interior/ living area systems:

Please read the instructions manual. At the same time please send a short message on Whatsapp, we answer immediately, no matter the time.

In over 95% of the times we can identify and solve the problem together in less than 2 minutes.

14. I had an accident. What should I do?

First of all, make sure all the passengers are safe and in a protected place. Only then please let us know immediately, on e-mail or whatsapp, what were the damages, if you can move the motorhome and get a police report of the accident.

Our motorhomes have Full Casco insurance (with a franchise of 250 Euro/ first event; 500 Euro/ second event).

15. Do the motorhomes have insurance?

Yes. We have RCA insurance and also Casco available in the whole Europe. Some countries are not included in the RCA insurance policy (Albania, Bosnia), you have to check the policy and get a separate one for that certain country.

16. I am on holiday and I wish to extend my stay. Can I do it?

Unfortunately, no in most cases.

Rentals are made with a 4 hours break apart and, except we have the availability, we cannot extend your reservation.

17. Which is the minimum rental period? What about the maximum one?

The minimum rental period is 3 nights, except the summer season (5 nights).

Do you have a maximum limit?

Yes. We don't rent for more than 70 days (periodical technical check-ups needed).

18. How much time before should we make a reservation for a motorhome?

We recommend to call us as soon as possible the moment you have decided to rent a motorhome because available periods can be occupied in a matter of days, hours even for the summer season.

From our experience, for the summer season bookings are made 8-9 months beforehand and for winter months 3-4 months before.

We do not take into consideration bookings with pick-up moment less than 2 days from the moment of the reservation (due to preliminary procedures of verifying our clients and motorhomes allotment)..

19. How and where can I contact you?

You find us on e-mail at ; telephone number 0723-20.76.79 (Adrian - for general informatin, bookings).

To visit/ see the motorhomes at the pick up site, we are waiting for you with a prior phone appointment; If you do not call, we cannot meet you - to optimize our time and keep safe our parked motorhomes; By making an appointment for a visit at our rental center you give your consent to be filmed by the surveillance system, also to automatically identify your plates. These information will be kept in our data base for 12 months.